"Patent 27℠ is a Dutch start-up specialized in bioinformatically enriched patent- & business intelligence for the life sciences industries. The company provides harmonized worldwide patent ownership data at the consolidated firm-level with comprehensive coverage for the life sciences industries." 


_Patent 27℠ BV (2013/2016)

Identity for the Amsterdam based company. Designed in 2013. Inspired by visual languages of the pharmaceutical and Life Science industries we designed a bespoke modernism-like wordmark, but with contemporary features.

In 2016 we did a restyle and changed the design of the icon. Covering many industries globally, the icon had to be very simple yet sophisticated and dynamic. A geometrical icon that concisely aims to visually translate the dynamic world of patents. Resulting in an identity that looks like it belongs to a company with a long and great history.

The enriched data is available as an application and is for download and/or sold on DVD.